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Grants from SET University

We provide grants for study and make quality education in IT more accessible to Ukrainians

We commit

We believe that the future recovery of Ukraine is laid right now through education.

One of the critical goals of SET University is to provide equal access to quality education in IT for every Ukrainian. It is especially important now, given the economic and social challenges in Ukraine caused by the Russian invasion.

For this purpose, SET University is launching a grant system to cover the costs of education for Ukrainians.

We cannot guarantee that every applicant will receive a scholarship, but you can apply for scholarships for different SET University programs an unlimited number of times.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

Ukrainian women who want to pursue a career in the tech industry

Citizens of Ukraine who suffered from the war and internally displaced persons who left the temporarily occupied territories or the war zone

Specialists participating in cyber army initiatives

Representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, Special Operations Forces 

How to apply for a scholarship?

Fill out the form and write a motivational letter in English (no more than 2000 characters). In the letter, please tell why you should receive the scholarship and how you plan to use the acquired knowledge.

The SET team reserves the right to launch an additional selection stage in case of a large number of applications


Important: the number of scholarships is limited and is provided based on the recommendations of university specialists

Apply for a scholarship

Basic requirements for the program participant

English level B1+
Ability to attend online classes with tuitors
2+ years of experience in the tech sector

Special thanks

In recognition of the individual acts of generosity, SET University would like to thank our first patron, Sergey Tokarev.

Co-founder of SET University, serial tech entrepreneur, investor, and Founding Partner of Roosh, Sergey has provided 5 scholarships that cover 100% of the tuition fees.

Join us in increasing the scholarship fund

We will be happy to discuss possible ways of cooperation with proactive and conscious donors, both individuals and organizations. Join us in our goal of providing equal access to quality education in IT for Ukrainians.
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