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Comprehensive academic programs licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The programs in cyber defense and computer science and innovative engineering are designed to combine the in-depth study of theory with practical solutions to business problems. The graduates create a startup or an IT solution for a real business as a part of their Master’s thesis.

The duration of programs is 1.5 years.

Master of Cyber Defense

1.5 years 90 000₴/year -50%

Master of Computer Science and Innovation Engineering

1.5 years 90 000₴/year -50%


Mid-term academic programs based on the principle of executive business schools. Flexibility, blended format and practical expertise allow you to tailor your experience to your specific career goals.

The average duration of the programs is 6-9 weeks.

Information and Cybersecurity Management

March 06
9 weeks 12 800₴/month (indicated with a discount)

Short programs

Workshops and short-term courses designed to upgrade skills and kickstart the career in the tech industry. Result-oriented learning allows students to use their skills and network effectively to achieve their career goals.

The average duration of programs is 1-3 months.

Workshop “Effective Nonverbal Communication, Storytelling & the Art of Pitching”

March, 5
2 days Free, based on the selection of applications

AI and Business Analytics Training for Women

August, 30
3 days Free, based on the selection of applications

SET Workshops: Cybersecurity

2 weeks Free accesses
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