Gauthier Vasseur inda Kyiv: how it was

23 / 4 / 24
Executive Director at Fisher Center for Business Analytics, UC Berkeley visited Kyiv to hold several events about AI for HRs, veterans, and SET University students.

At the end of March, Gauthier Vasser, an expert in business analysis and AI, Executive Director at Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the University of California and an adjunct lecturer at SET University, came to Kyiv. During this time, he managed to hold several important events:

'HR in the AI era' meetup

At the event we discussed how to make data-driven decisions on strategic and people management, and how AI helps with this.

'No-Code AI' workshop

The closing workshop of the ‘No-code AI for Business’ course was held for all participants. 6 weeks of active work, exploring tools and data analysis in various domains, and an offline workshop dedicated to leadership and ethical use of AI technologies. Gauthier analyzed Amazon, the Northpointe, and the Watson anti-cases.

AI and business analysis training for veterans

At the free training, veterans and current military service members got big data and AI fundamentals. This became the first step in data analysis and AI. 


Give back to those who give their lives every day for freedom — Gauthier Vasseur.

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