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Iryna Volnytska and Victoria Tigipko Spoke at Web Summit 2023

21 / 12 / 23
We share insights from the WebSummit 2023 panel discussion on innovations in time of war

On November 14, SET University President Iryna Volnytska and TA Ventures founder Victoria Tigipko spoke at the Web Summit with a fireside chat Growth & War: Innovations in Ukraine’s tech ecosystem.

At the fireside, they discussed Ukraine’s tech industry in general and fintech in particular, as well as the investment attractiveness of Ukrainian projects. Below are the key points of the presentation.

Key points from discussion

  1. War and crisis have become drivers of innovation in Ukraine – despite the high risk, our projects are attractive to investors
  2. We see the manifestations of war at the front and in cyberspace – the enemy is testing various cyberattacks on our infrastructure to test them on other countries.
  3. Due to the specifics of its current situation, Ukraine is becoming a testing ground for various projects, especially military tech – there is no other place in the world today where you can test military tech projects in real-time and in real conditions.
  4. With the outbreak of full-scale war, the percentage of specialists who started working in Ukrainian product companies has increased significantly. We have long been considered a country of outsourcing, but today more and more specialists are creating products within Ukraine, which increases GDP.
"If you are looking for innovations, I would advise you to go to Ukraine and see how the war and crisis are affecting it,"
said Iryna Volnytska, President of SET University

About Web Summit

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