PNTPC Cybersecurity Conference: Done

23 / 4 / 24
In the end of February, a conference on cybersecurity issues was held in collaboration with a Polish university. Here's how it went.

From February 27 to 29, we held an international cybersecurity conference titled “Challenges of Scientific-Technical and Legal Provision of Cybersecurity in the Modern World” (PNTPC / ПНПЗК), in collaboration with the Polish university of the National Education Commission in Krakow.

"Modern progress in computer technologies has facilitated the development of numerous methods designed to ensure data security. However, the number and complexity of cyberattacks on computer and telecommunications systems, unfortunately, are not decreasing. This underscores the relevance of cybersecurity issues and the need for their ongoing discussion in academic circles and among practicing professionals. The main goal of this conference is to exchange scientific experiences and search for the best approaches in the context of cybersecurity,"
said Sergiy Semenov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at SET University.

At the conference, scientific issues were discussed in sections:

– Problems of mathematical modeling and forecasting of cybersecurity threats

– Organizational and technical provision of cybersecurity

– Cybersecurity in industry and critical infrastructures

– Cybersecurity in cloud environments, 5G networks, and future communication technologies

– Legal and regulatory aspects of cybersecurity

– Social and psychological aspects of cybersecurity

Leading cybersecurity experts from Ukraine and Poland participated in the conference. The conference’s organizing committee was chaired by Maksym Pochebut, Rector of SET University with a PhD in Technical Sciences, and Piotr Borek, Rector of UKEN in Krakow with a Doctorate in Sciences.


We believe that the best presentations, which will be published in a joint monograph, will receive positive feedback from cybersecurity professionals.

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