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SET University turns 2 years old

28 / 12 / 23
Here's what we've managed to do over the past 24 months.

On December 7, 2021, SET University was launched in Ukraine, with the help of which we want to make Ukraine a center of innovation. The path we started in peaceful Kyiv, we continue to this day: we are changing the technological ecosystem of Ukraine, launching educational programs and developing modern higher education.

There are many more interesting things to come! So, we want to make a quick recap of what we have managed to do in these 2 years of our tireless work.

"SET University is a technological university, and our main expertise is in IT, so we do not plan to launch programs in other areas in the next 3 years. It is important for us to stay focused and implement the large-scale ideas that have already been planned in the field of technology,"
said Iryna Volnytska, president of SET University, in an interview with
SET University event at Lviv IT Arena 2023

What SET University did in 2023

  • launched two master’s programs licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: Master of Cyber Defense and Master of Computer Science and Innovation Engineering. These programs already have 51 students enrolled in them, and they are looking forward to a year and a half of intense lectures, workshops, networking, and consultations
  • two micro-master’s programs were launched: Information and Cybersecurity and Solution Architecture
  • more than two thousand people have passed through our educational programs, workshops and bootcamps
  • launched a Discord community for tech enthusiasts who want to launch their projects. In it, you can communicate with SET University professors, get mentoring advice, form a team, and listen to lectures from top people in cybersecurity, blockchain, web3, etc.
  • launched a cybersecurity podcast called Google Won’t Tell. In each episode, we answer eternal questions with invited experts: what course to choose? how to move from juniors to majors? where to look for a job? how to assemble a team for a startup? In six months, we have organized 8 episodes with the participation of such companies as lifecell, EVO, OWASP Kyiv, Yalantis, Cyberpeople, Wildix
  • participated in key tech events: Forbes Tech, Lviv IT Arena, Web Summit, Emerging Europe, etc.
  • launched a grant program for SET University applicants, which provided about 30 scholarships for education
  • held a series of online and offline events. Among our favourites are a workshop with former CIA officer Nick Gisinto, a pitching and storytelling workshop by Jeff Kabili, a joint event with the Ukrainian Startup Fund called Tech Shelter, and the Ukraine-Berkeley Summit
  • launched the We.Brave acceleration program for women entrepreneurs together with SuperCharger Ventures
  • held a two-day conference on blockchain and web3 Blockchain for Future in the metaverse.
Welcoming speech from the President of SET University at the initiation of master's students
"We have a mission that we are pursuing, and there are different ways to go about it, we are trying to follow the shortest and most efficient one. We used to say that we would train 10,000 people. Now I can say for sure - no, we won't, because there is no need for it in the market. But we will train start-ups, create companies, respond to the most critical challenges that exist now, and bring investors to Ukraine. We want to create an innovation hub in Ukraine, a kind of Silicon Valley. And the university's mission is to create this base in partnership with companies and other universities so that this valley can be created in Ukraine."
said Iryna Volnytska, president of SET University, in an interview with

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