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No-Code AI for Business micromaster’s program launched

17 / 1 / 24
SET University has launched a program for non-technical managers on how to extract insights from data.

We are constantly monitoring requests for relevant skill sets to expand our program lineup and provide Ukrainians with practical yet fundamental education. This time, together with Gauthier Wasser, we are launching a short-term program on No-Code AI tools for founders and managers without a technical background.

About the program

No-Code AI for Business is a program dedicated to working with No-Code AI tools that will help students learn how to build correct profitability forecasts, plan expenses, and analyze customer behavior.

During the program, students will work with cases from different industries (construction, e-commerce, insurance) and different purposes (fraud prevention, data auto-verification, predictive models).


What students will learn at the program

  • how to analyze customer buying behavior and cluster it for further relevant offers
  • how to build predictive models based on data analysis
  • how to work with No-Code AI tools for processing business data
  • how to integrate AI tools into operational activities taking into account security and privacy policies

About tutor

The author and tutor of the program is Gauthier Wasser, Director of the Fisher Center for Business Intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley. Gauthier is not only an expert in data analysis and digital transformation, but also a powerful advocate for the entire Ukrainian tech community. We have already developed several programs with his participation, and now we are launching a separate micro-master’s program.

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