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Launched a digital transformation of the business program

17 / 1 / 24
We have developed a micromaster's program on how to implement automation, AI, and big data in business processes.

The introduction of AI and overall optimization of business processes were the main requests of the last year. We have not ignored this, so we have developed a new program on digital transformation in the company.

"A successful transformation will help optimize processes, reduce workload and increase employee efficiency, and improve customer experience. Ignoring these trends can lead to lagging behind competitors and a slow decline of the company." -
said Andrey Mayevsky, Director of Technical Support and Incident Management at IRONSCALES and author of the program.

About the program

Digital transformation of the business is A 14-week micro-master’s program aimed at teaching top management to transform company processes using best practices and AI technologies. During the course, students will work with a case study of their own company. Each homework assignment is a part of a future digital transformation plan.

What our students will learn

  • how to identify and modernize inefficient business processes
  • how to implement AI in company processes in a targeted manner
  • how to understand the ethical aspects and key threats when implementing AI in business processes
  • how to build your own digital transformation strategy taking into account the specifics of the organization

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